Things To Know About Post 1135
  • Post 1135 is "open for normal business" as far as possible, while following Greene County Health Department COVID-19 Guidelines, which do not permit us to have crowds for Queen Of Hearts as of 09/14/20.  Changes will be updated on this site.

  • Post 1135 Legion meetings are the 1st Monday of each month (except Holidays) at 7 pm.  Next meeting is 09/14/20.

  • Lunch Special Mondays.  Sandwiches/Fries/Chili until 9 pm every day.

  • Happy Hour 2pm - 5pm Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri, plus $1.75 beer all day Wed & Sun.

  • Queen Of Hearts Drawing Tuesdays - Buckets of Beer (6) for $10

  • New FREE ATM (Up to $300)

  • New Sunday Open at 11am.

















Next Queen Of Hearts Drawing 7 pm Tuesday CLICK ON PDF ABOVE.  Additional $500 drawing(s) from the Queen of Hearts Ticket Drum will be held per the information shown below.  We will also have a 50/50 drawing, the proceeds from which will go alternately to SAL, Auxiliary, Tri-County Honor Guard, or into Post 1135's Cemetery Account, for distribution to approved Greene County cemeteries for upkeep.

02/25/20's 50/50 Winner - Lisa Ivers Newton - $2,344 (Auxiliary)


No PIN required - anyone 21 or older can play.  You need to put your name, phone number and available number of your choosing on ticket.


Times for drawings are as follow: 

Queen Drawing 7:00

1st $500 (if any) 7:15

50/50 7:30

2nd $500 (if any) 7:45

3rd $500 (if any) 8:00

  4th $500 (if any) 8:15  


Providing there is at least $2500 in the Queen Jackpot, there will be:


1 $500 2nd Chance Drawing for Jackpots up to $50,000

2 $500 drawings for Jackpots between $50,001 and $100,000

3 $500 drawings for Jackpots between $100,001 and $150,000

4 $500 drawings for all Jackpots over $150,000. 


There will be no 2nd chance drawing(s) when:


1.  Jackpot is below $2500.

2.  Queen is drawn and Winner is Present (100% Jackpot is Won).

3.  Rules require that Drawing must have a Winner (draw until winner is found).


Auxiliary meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7 pm.  Next meeting is 09/21/20


Sons Of American Legion meet the last Monday of each month at 7 pm.  Next meeting is 09/28/20


 Honor Guard meetings are 2nd Wednesday of every other month at 7 pm.  Next meeting is 09/09/20


Post 1135

Commander - Jon Baker

Senior Vice - Rich Stendeback

Junior Vice - Steve Talley

Treasurer - Bob Shannon

Sgt-At-Arms - John McClintock

Chaplain - John McClintock

Post 1135 Auxiliary

Sons Post 1135

Squadron Commander - Dan Caselton

Vice Commander- Ryan Fields

Adjutant - Adam Roberson

Financial Officer- John Jilg

Chaplain - Thomas Caselton

Sergeant-At-Arms - Vacant

President - Mary Eustace

Vice President - Martha Jilg

Treasurer - Sue Richey

Secretary - Bernie Faul

Sgt-At-Arms - Mary Ellen Reynolds

Chaplain - Cathy Reif

Membership - Carol Witt


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